Upgrading Homo Sapiens’ Natural Behavior

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🙊 Evolution is the problem

🏆 Winners and losers have the same goals

First steps

  1. Identify: make a list of all the habits you already have, from the moment you wake up, until you go to bed
  2. Effectiveness: next to each habit, write a “+” if the habit (system) is helping you get where you want to be. Write “-” if it’s not helping you
  3. Identity: decide who you want to be. Ask yourself “who is the type of person who…(wakes up at 5am everyday, reads a book per month, finishes their homework on time…)?

👉 Action items

  1. Cue: Your phone buzzes with a new text message
  2. Craving: you want to learn the contents of the message
  3. Response: you grab your phone and read the text
  4. Reward: you satisfy your craving to read the message

Do the obvious!

  1. One space one use: you’ll be more likely to follow through your habits if you do determine a specific place and time for your habits. Don’t ask yourself to write a book when you’re likely to be occupied with something else
  2. Habit stacking: no behavior happens in isolation. Pair your new habit to a current habit. You may want to attach a new effective habit, to one that you already have and that is already satisfying

Changing the game

  1. Join a culture where your desired habit is the normal behavior. You’ll rise together
  2. Change “I have to” to “I get to”. You transition from seeing these behaviors as burdens, and see them as opportunities instead

Repetition > Perfection

  1. 2-minute rule: when you start a new habit, it should take less than 2 minutes to do. You can’t improve a habit that doesn’t exist
  2. If you want to master a habit, start with repetition. Not perfection. Frequency > time. What matters is the rate at which you perform the behavior
  3. Mantra: “don’t break the chain”. Never interrupt your habits unncessarily. The “bad” days are also great

Make it unforgettable and satisfying

  1. Use reinforcement: immediate reward to increase the rate of the behavior
  2. Habit tracking: don’t lose focus on the purpose behind it, don’t get lost by the numbers
  3. Accountability partner: this can work instead of, or together with the other strategies. Tell someone who you trust, the systems that you’ll implement and agree with them what will happen if you don’t

👊 Just Do It



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